It is pointless to pretend that America and Israel have separate strategies in the Middle East. Maybe under Obama there was a sliver of difference, but now, with the "Zog Emperor" Donald Trump in power, there is absolutely no difference. US and Israeli policies in the Middle East are now joined at the hip, so best to refer to them in the singular as "USrael." 

I'm not even saying if it's a good or a bad thing. I'm just saying it's a thing. And it's vital to know it when trying to understand WTF is going on in the geopolitical kaleidoscope called the Middle East. 

Usrael's main goal in the ongoing Syrian Civil War is to topple Bashar Al-Assad and set up a tame cuck state, like Jordan, and thus isolate based guerrilla group Hezbollah in Lebanon. But if that can't be arranged, then its secondary goal is to at least isolate Assad and cut him off from Shiite Iraq and Iran. 

Assad's goal by contrast is to link up with those countries to form a "Shiite Corridor" stretching all the way from Tehran to the Hezbollah bases on Israel's border in the Lebanon. 

There are two barriers to this, namely ISIS, which controls most of Eastern Syria and USraeli-backed groups like the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA). USrael used to grudgingly support ISIS, but when the group became too toxic, it started looking round for other groups, and quickly built the Kurdish-manned SDF into a formidable force in the North of the country. The SDF are currently fighting ISIS to gain control of the old ISIS capital of Raqqah.

But the SDF only cover the North end of the Shiite Corridor. Things are much harder in the South. Here USrael has been unable to establish an effective proxy army, with the FSA mainly being a fake astroturf operation.

Recently, when Assad's forces made a push for the Iraq border, down the main Damascus to Baghdad highway -- controlled by the FSA -- USrael was forced to use its heavy US air power to block the move, raising tensions with Russia in a dangerous way. 

But now it seems that Assad has finally outwitted USrael by finding a different route, and his forces have finally reached the border with Iraq and reestablished the "Shiite Corridor."

As reported by Russia Today:
"The Syrian army, in cooperation with its allies, have taken control of a vast territory in southeastern Syria, reaching the border "with friendly Iraq," Syrian military officials have announced, describing it as a decisive moment in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).' This achievement is a strategic turning point in the war on terrorism and a springboard to expand military operations in the Badia [region in southeast Syria] and along the border with friendly Iraq,' a Saturday statement from the General Command said, as quoted by the state Syrian news agency, SANA."

For PR reasons and to spare USrael's blushes, the Syrians and the Russians are emphasizing the fight against ISIS, but this operation is mainly aimed at stumping USrael's grand strategy in the Middle East.
"In cooperation with its allies, the Syrian army reached the border northeast of al-Tanf crossing on Friday evening, the command said in the statement. It added that the move signals the "first stage of the military operations" in the region. The offensive had been launched south and east of Palmyra, Syrian military officials said. After hundreds of IS terrorists had been killed there, forces proceeded to the Iraqi border, having retaken a large number of strategic points and positions within the territory which covers over 20 square kilometers in Badia."
It is not clear how USrael can respond to this defeat without escalating the conflict, and even that would just add to their troubles. Maybe now is a good time to be reasonable.

How can you not support this?

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