60,000 Russians have marched to the site of the murder of Russia's last Tsar. As reported by leftie UK rag the Guardian:
"Holding aloft icons, crosses and portraits of Russia’s last tsar, tens of thousands of pilgrims have made a 13-mile walk near the Russian city of Ekaterinburg to mark the anniversary of the execution of Nicholas II. In the early hours of Monday morning, the pilgrims walked to the spot where Nicholas and his family were executed 99 years ago."
The pilgrims reached the Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-bearers at Ganina Yama at about 7:00 AM. Here they were met by ringing bells. A service of intercession was held at "Mine Number 7," the place where the murderers attempted to hide the evidence of their dark deed, carried out on the orders of Vladimir Lenin, whose gruesome corpse still rests in piece outside the Kremlin.

Metropolitan Kirill of Verkhoturye and Ekaterinburg addressed the gathering as follows
"This cross procession went not only along city streets, but through fields and forests. And the main thing is that it tapped into our souls. You could hardly find even one person now who would remain indifferent to this day, to the service and procession, which is an image of our repentance and our love for the Tsar and his motherland—Holy Rus’. We thank you all, dear brothers and sisters, and we hope that every year, when the Lord will give us the grace, we will continue to hold this sacred cross procession to this holy place."
I'm not even Russian and this hits me in the feels.

OK, Tsar Nicholas wasn't the best leader for the Russian people, and he obviously made some bad mistakes, but nobody would actually try to claim he was a bad guy. He comes across as a moral man of good intentions, who loved his people, but had a lot of bad luck and worse advice. So it is good to see that many Russians now revere the members of the Imperial Family slaughtered on that day as martyrs and saints. 

OK, that might be pushing things a little too far the other way, as by most definitions being a saint includes more than getting a Commie bullet in the brain. But this sentiment is no doubt driven by the deep sense of loss that the Russian people feel at what followed the overthrow of their Tsar -- namely 70 years of genocidal Communist tyranny, when the Russian people were ruled over by a gang of self-serving ethnic minorities and brutal thugs, followed by around a decade when Russia was a laughing stock under the croney capitalism of Boris Yeltsin. 

Love of Tsar Nicholas II and his family is love of a true Russian identity. By the rule that whatever Communists hate is probably good for any country, isn't it time to for Russia to evict Lenin from his tomb by the Kremlin and bring back the hereditary monarchy?

Seven of the 100 million victims of Communism in the 20th century.
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