Gypsies getting money any way they can.
OK, folks, we all know that there's no such thing as race, and that any problems created by mass immigration are simply down to cultural differences. Yeh?

Also, we know these problems can be cured by a little bit of assimilation. Can't they? The only question, then, is how long does the assimilation take? Is it a few weeks, a few years, or maybe a generation or two? Estimates vary...

This is what is known as the "Assimilation Timeline."

Think of it like the Doomsday Clock but with a much longer time span, and with midnight being the multiracial nirvana. And just as certain news stories or political developments push the Doomsday Clock closer to or further from midnight, so it is with the Assimilation Timeline. 

Back in the 1960s, when modernization and Westernization was gaining speed and optimism about the future potential of the human race was high, the Assimilation Timeline had probably shrunk to a few years or so. Since then things have become a little more, shall we say "complex"? 

In some cases rather than the immigrants assimilating, we have even seen cases where the host country has been forced to go the other way. Just look at the way some Western states have imported Third-World-style restraints on free speech.

Now, the latest news out of the oddly named town of California, Pennsylvania, has once again altered the way we think about the Assimilation Timeline. The town has been "gifted" with an unspecified number of Gypsies, who claim to have fled persecution in the EU member country of Romania, a country not otherwise known for its genocidal policy towards minorities. But the Gypsies are not yet fitting in.

As reported by Fox News
Some residents of a Pennsylvania town are upset by Romanian immigrants who they have accused of defecating in public and beheading chickens. Residents in California, Pennsylvania – about 35 miles south of Pittsburgh – are angered by the alleged actions of the Romanian immigrants, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. 'What I’ve seen is men and children – never usually the women – the men and the children dropping their pants in the middle of the street, defecating, pulling their pants up and going on their way,' Dawne Roberts told WTAE-TV." The Romanian refugees moved to the area through a federal program that finds temporary houses for immigrants, according to the Post-Gazette. The Romanians fled their homes in the Bucharest area where they faced persecution as a minority group."
The feeling with some is that these are just temporary "cultural differences," and that soon the Gypsies's "inner Americans" will emerge as they fit in:
Vito Dentino, a real estate agent who rents apartments to the majority of the immigrants, said that he has spoken to his tenants about not throwing trash in the yard. 'I think people around here are just overreacting,' he said. Dentino said the immigrants were pleasant, according to the Post-Gazette, but unaware of American customs."
Yup, stop overreacting, bigots!

However, there is just one problem with that way of thinking, as this kind of behaviour is not at all typical of non-gypsies from Romania. 

There people generally have better table manners than most Americans. The real question to ask is why are these Gypsies shitting in the street in the first place? A great part of it is because it is ancestral behaviour going back hundreds and thousands of years. It is not behaviour typically associated with Europeans. 

So who are the Gypsies and where do they come from? Ethnologists and historians agree in tracing their origins to an Indian underclass that became nomadic and then started moving West. Some of them finally reached Europe, where they eked out an existence as casual labourers, petty traders, entertainers, and small time thieves, relying on the Christian principles of the host communities to barely tolerate them. 

The India connection is important because India today, just like this corner of Pennsylvania, has a massive outdoor defecation problem, with low caste Indians, distant cousins of these Gypsies, being the main offenders. Historians estimate that the Gypsies, originally members of the "Untouchable Caste," left India around 1,000 years  ago.

Fragrance map of the World.
Despite moving away from their original society, where street-shitting was permitted or even encouraged, they effectively failed to assimilate to the toiletry habits of one land after another for century after century. 

This shows you just how stubborn tribal nature is, and how resistant to change it is. Just by itself this problem in Pennsylvania easily adds at least another thousand years onto the Assimilation Timeline. The multiracial nirvana is further away than ever.
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