Unlucky 13th
The BBC is known as a Left-wing sewer, where the notions of Cultural Marxism run rampant, so it was no surprise when the character in their longest-running sci-fi series, Dr Who, was "regenerated" as a woman. The only surprise was that he didn't become a gay-friendly Muslim as well (but I guess Sadiq Khan is too busy running London).

Because the series started decades ago, in 1963, it has been necessary to sometimes change the actor playing the Doctor. This was done by having the Doctor "regenerate," allowing the baton to be passed to a new actor. Until today, all the actors had of course been White males, giving some consistency to the character. 

Now the BBC has decided to not only break with tradition, but to shit all over its broken shards, by changing the actual gender of the character. The obvious implication here is that gender is no more important in these heady days than a different hairstyle or clothing choices. But, by the eternal standards of the universe that scoff at the idiocy of man, this radical rethinking of the character's basic attributes, effectively castrates him. 

The Doctor has now been transformed into a "genderfluid" transsexual freak, who can now go back in his/her time-travelling Tardis to literally be fucked by one of his/her/its earlier male incarnations. 

Actually I could see the BBC running with a plot line like that!

The woman chosen to play the Doctor is actress Jodie Whittaker (35, one child), a somewhat mummified-looking blonde, with a bit of a lesbo vibe, who calls herself a "feminist." 

Already the decision is extremely unpopular with fans of the show, who are mainly semi-autistic geeky nerd boys, the type who don't respond well to unnecessary changes like this, especially if it fucks up their carefully tabulated collections of Dr Who figurines and other memorabilia. 

Prior to this, the show was sliding in popularity even though the previous actor Peter Capaldi was considered a popular choice. The main reason for this decline is believed to have been the increasingly self-indulgent and politically correct writing by twats like Steven Moffat. 

Capaldi bravely maintaining the brand as the poz seeps in. 
Effectively the BBC has been slowly killing this show for years, because, as a publicly funded entity, they are not subject to market forces. The appointment of the unlikable, mediocre, and gender-inappropriate Whittaker to the role will no doubt be its death blow, and will push ratings below the point where even the BBC will be unable to justify continuing the series. 

ARN predicts that the BBC will run with this turkey for two more seasons of plummeting ratings and then give up, probably flogging the intellectual property rights to someone in the private sector who will get in some decent writers and recreate the Doctor Who brand based on its classic golden age of the 1970s and 1980s.

Rumours that the Daleks will be redesigned to make them more "gay-friendly" have yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Doctor Who was ruined for me when it became multicultural and started over-representing immigrant minority actors in leading roles.

    1. Nothing wrong with multiculturalism (the Doctor is, after all, a half-human extraterrestrial, so he's always been a bit of a poster boy), and the only "leading" role on the show is the Doctor himself; companions are co-stars.

  2. FFS bring back Tom Baker!