Recently spotted at the Charlottesville anti-Klan counter-protest was this lovely White couple, holding up a rather too well-made “Black Lives Matter” sign.

I also like the way they seem to be mutually “transitioning” so that they’ll still be a nice heterosexual couple in ten years, after they both change gender. Anyway, nothing says “beta cucks” better than using a bed sheet from your own bed to make into a BLM banner—One wonders what other cucky uses it was put to before being re-purposed for that noble cause—Lovely work!

The sad part is they probably made it for some of their low agency Black “friends” to defiantly display against the evil Klan, only to be told, “Sorry, honey, I’m working on my mix tape/ weaves that day. Can’t come.”

So, rather than see all their careful stenciling and sewing go to waste, Mr & Mrs Liberal Cuck Couple decided to display the banner themselves, unwittingly reinforcing the impression that Blacks don’t really give a toss about “Black lives mattering,” beyond using it as a handy meme to guilt trip dumb Whiteys like themselves into doing their bidding. Any doubts on this matter can be resolved by a quick study of Black-on-Black crime stats versus killings by cops.

Yes, Black lives matter so much in the hearts of cucked White Liberals that they wouldn’t want them to inconvenience themselves by having to actually protest on their own behalf.

Now, if we could only get Blacks to take White Liberals on as full-time slaves, maybe we could find an elegant solution to this historical impasse and ill-feeling that still exists between our two great races!
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  1. Need to re-educate these White race traitors.