The future will be made up of people who breed and vlog about it.
I'm really excited about the quality of the next few generations. In the past people really had to get their shit together first before popping out sprogs. This naturally had a generally eugenic effect on society.

But now any fuck-up can pop out kids, and they'll all survive. In fact they can make a good living by vlogging about it on YouTube. 

Meanwhile the people who can get their shit together have dialled back on the kidmaking. So, let's face it, we are heading towards a dysgenic clusterfuck on a massive scale. 

As exhibit "A" take this woman, unfortunately a mother of three, who has been boasting about breastfeeding while having sex and basically using her brats to draw attention to her depreciating sexual charms. 

The woman, from San Diego, runs a YouTube channel with over half-a-million followers under the name "Spiritual Tasha Mama" and vlogs about raising her three sons on a vegan diet -- FFS!

She recently defended having sex while breastfeeding, after a video she uploaded in 2015 "Do I have sex while breastfeeding?" went viral. In the video she said she had sex with her husband while breastfeeding. As the woman is a complete mess, her husband has now left her.

She claimed that because her baby son would not allow her to put him down, the couple would just have a backdoor bang while the baby clung to her.
"I remember sleeping with my ex-husband, and my son was on me breastfeeding, and we would have sex from behind or something," she told the Sun newspaper. 
On a more recent video, the woman said that there’s "nothing bad about making love at all, even if you’re breastfeeding at the same time."

OK, I get it that there are stupid people like this in the world, and they clearly shouldn't be allowed to breed, etc, and this is exactly the kind of video that someone like that is going to make. 

But worse than that, this is exactly how some evil elements will seek to normalize pedophilia, by going on about how deep and spiritual sex is and how profound and mystical breastfeeding is, and how natural and wonderful it is do them at the same time because it's "all part of the miracle of life, man."
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  1. The worst thing is that her ex-husband probably financed the augmentation of her tits.