It seems that after being BTFOed by /pol/ countless times, one-time actor Shia LaBeouf has lost all credibility, so much so that even his threats to kill cops merely elicit a smirk and a chuckle from police officers. 

Shia, who obviously has severe mental problems after his "He Will Not Divide Us" anti-Trump art installation was trolled to death by weaponized autism, made his death threat to the police after being arrested in Georgia early Saturday morning (July 8th) for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and obstruction -- basically just for "being Shia." 

LaBeouf, 31, reportedly went on a drunken rant in a police car following his arrest, screaming at the cop, "If I had my gun I'd blow your shit up."

He also called one officer a "fucking bitch" and "dumb fuck." Addressing a Black officer he said: 
"You’ve got a president who doesn’t give a shit about you. And you're stuck in a police force that doesn’t give a fuck about you. So you want to arrest what, white people who give a fuck?"  
But how seriously can you take death threats -- or even insults -- from a man who talks endlessly about "peace" and "unity" but then gets drunk and violent (in a feeble sort of way) at every opportunity and won't tolerate anybody who doesn't share his crappy shitlib views? Going by his expression, one of the arresting officers wasn't very impressed. In fact quite the reverse.

As the samurai say, "He who loses his temper soon loses the battle."

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