A video has emerged showing a couple having sex on a balcony overlooking the G20 riots in Hamburg. World leaders had been meeting there, including President Trump and Vladimir Putin, leading to massive riots by leftist and antifa scum.

In the brief video, the woman in question holds onto the some scaffold outside a building in clear view of the crowd below, while a man pummels her from behind. Given the enormous moral decline of Germany under Angela Merkel, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone. 

Not since the days of the Wiemar Republic have we seen Germans behaving like this, and we all know how that ended. 

Because of the chaos unleashed by leftists and 15,000 cops unwilling to crack a few heads, Chancellor Merkel has now been forced to call in units of the German army to maintain order.

Part of the problem is that Hamburg is a city that prides itself on being hard-left and has a strong "hooligan left" element. Once again Merkel has shown extremely bad judgement by deciding to hold G20 here. 
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  1. Disgusting! Got any better film?