It is said that Generation Z (those born after the year 2000) are shaping up to be the most rabidly right-wing generation ever.  There are even fears among some that Generation Z could turn out to be a generation of, well, basically "Nazis" -- hence its nickname "Generation Zyklon," a trollish play on the gas that the Nazis supposedly used in the Holocaust.

Now it seems those fears could be real after an incident at Newbury Park in California. As reported by ABC7 Eyewitness News:
Someone got into Newbury Park High School and blasted a recording of an Adolf Hitler speech over the football field's loudspeakers. Residents in the area were understandably upset when they heard the Hitler speech and music coming from the speakers late Saturday night and late Friday night.

Sheriff's officials on duty Sunday told Eyewitness News that the principal was called in to get access and turn off the recording, which lasted about an hour.

Resident Corry Bell said she heard the commotion from blocks away. "If it was teenagers and if it wasn't malicious intent but just a nuisance, OK. Loud music would be a nuisance, but then when you get into something like broadcasting a Hitler speech, that's -- you know, I know a lot of Holocaust survivors -- that is not just unnerving but it's very upsetting," she said.
How long before panzers start appearing on street corners is anyone's guess.

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