Hundreds of Hungarian nationalists gathered in a suburb of Budapest to launch a new political party called "Force and Determination." The party brings together three smaller groups and hopes to run in next year's Hungarian elections with a proudly racial and anti-liberal platform.

But, wait a minute, didn't Hungary already have enough right-wing and nationalist parties?

Yes and no. For the past decade Hungarian politics has been dominated by Viktor Orban's conservative Fidesz Party, but this has never been a true nationalist party, although at times it has behaved like one by taking a progressively hard line against illegal immigration and opposing the globalizing tendencies of the EU. 

In addition to Fidesz, Hungarian voters have also had the choice of Jobbik, which has traditionally been even more nationalist. But there have always been worrying aspects to Jobbik. One problem is its revanchism, which aims to expand Hungary's borders at the cost of its neighbours. 

Ethnic Hungarians living outside Hungary.
While a moral argument could be made for returning territories that are majority Hungarian to Hungary, changing borders in Europe is a serious can of worms, and once opened would probably lead to endless conflict and in-fighting among Europeans, so it is best to support a freeze on borders within Europe, except for secessionist movements. 

The other troubling aspect of Jobbik is its Turanism, namely an ideology that spiritually identifies the Hungarian nation with the early Turkic Magyar nomads who created the nation in the 9th and 10th centuries. While it is true that there is a Turkic root to the state of Hungary, the Magyars were numerically small and were soon merged in the larger European population of Hungary and Christianized. 

Something similar can be said concerning the inhabitants of Turkey, who are racially almost identical to the Greeks. But the Turks never Europeanized by converting to Christianity. So, for Jobbik to look to Erdogan's Islamic Turkey as allies is deeply problematic.

The main problem with Jobbik, however, stems from their political opportunism. Their problem as a political party is that they are too similar to Fidesz to challenge them for power as long as Viktor Orban keeps doing a relatively good job. So they have two choices: (1) either to become much more nationalist, or (2) to become much less nationalist. 

As Fidesz already are effectively satisfying soft nationalist sentiment, this would require a long journey to the "right," into quite marginal political territory to distinguish themselves from their larger rivals. As a party that is already part of "the system," with elected representatives in the Hungarian and EU parliaments, this could threaten careers and comfortable livelihoods. 

So, instead of doing that, they have opted to differentiate themselves by moving left on social and economic issues, while toning down their traditional nationalist positions. The silver lining here is that by doing so, they are effectively splitting the Leftist vote and ensuring that Orban will win a massive victory in next year's elections. 

But Jobbik's ideological drift has also created a vacuum for a genuine nationalist party to the right of Fidesz, which is why Force and Determination has emerged with its overt ethno-nationalist message. 

At the launch, Balázs László,  president of Identitesz, one of the three groups in the new union, criticized the suicidal tolerance of Europe in the face of mass immigration.
We want a new right-wing, a new political character," said Balazs Laszlo, president of Identitesz, another member of the new union. "We don't want to muse about the past — there is only forward. We must believe that even for us there is an empty page in the history book."

Tens of millions are added to the ranks of the Arabs, Africans, and gypsies, who will show no tolerance once they realise the power that their demographic significance lends them," he said. "Our ethnic community must come first. There is no equality."

Another speaker, Zsolt Tyirityán, leader of the Outlaw Army, another of the groups in the new alliance, talked about defeating Liberlism and the need to defend European living space.
We have to declare war against the force which represents Satanic darkness and which has made Europe unlivable and indefensible. This is called liberalism. It makes people lose their awareness of nation, their racial identity and, slowly, their sexual identity, too."

World history is made and lost on population, the fight for living space, and the fight to hold on to living space," he added. "Anyone who says different is either delusional or lying. Any way you look at it, the strongest always wins. I have racial awareness. I am proud to be a white European and I reserve the right to defend that."

Let's wish them all the best for the future, and pray that similar movement's emerge all over the threatened continent of Europe.

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  1. Turanism has not population genetic proofs, and it hasn't linguistic proofs. So wh are they promoting pseudo-scientific theories ?

  2. Turanists also claim, that population geneticist research laboratories and academic historians and linguists GLOBALLY conspired against their "truth".