Alt-Right stalwart Jack Donovan, author of the excellent "Way of Men," has built the first of several pagan shrines on his land named "Waldgang." 

The land is located in the Cascadia bioregion in Oregon state and is designed to serve as the "spiritual and cultural home" of the neo-pagan Wolves of Vinland tribe to which Donovan belongs, at least in the American North West.

Commenting on Facebook, Donovan explained the thinking behind the shrine, which is a black building, decorated with runes, with a suitably Nordic appearance.
"I'd like to include some ram skulls and I have a brother working on an oak bowl for offerings," he wrote. "We also installed an old oak tree in front of it. I'd like that to become a 'Mjolnir tree.' Heathens usually end up acquiring multiple Mjolnir necklaces, and I thought it would be interesting to have guests leave offerings of Mjolnirs hanging from nails on the tree. It would be powerful to have it covered with them in a few years."
Donovan also invited pagans to make an offering by mail via this address.

Four hundred years after Northern Europeans started settling the New world, a new breed of pagan like Donovan and Stephen McNallen are finally sacralizing the formerly alien forests with the ancient gods of our race, something that Christianity was ill-suited for.
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