Rat-faced, tatooed suicide enabler Chester Bennington

When we denounced the selfish suicide of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington we got a lot of criticism. One comment was:
"The author of this article is a pig. Talk shit when the man is alive not while he's dead. He's dead now let him be cocksucker"
Yes, quite right, we should have talked about the suicide of Chester Bennington when he was still alive. What an insight! 

Another comment was: "Trash article. Whoever shared this is a scumbag." Despite this it turned out to be one of our most shared articles ever and our most read article of the month. There were some other great negative comments and also some positive ones, as some people intelligently realized what we were getting at:
"You know it's sad to see that this man was so selfish and did not give one f****** f*** about his children that he left behind. He didn't give a s*** that they would be crying over his grave wanting their daddy. There is no excuse I don't care. It's so sad that all of you are okay with this suicide. Many of you are just stroking him like a poor pitiful baby. How about somebody should have told him that he needed to get his s*** together for his family."
Treating these people as tragic heroes and objects of sympathy just empowers their self-destructive side.

But not only has Bennington fucked up his family, his selfish suicide has also helped to push some of his fans over the edge. 

So far three people are reported to have killed themselves as a result of Bennington's suicide, although the real number is probably much higher, with grieving relatives reluctant to share details with the press. 
Linkin Park fan Melissa Mintz
The latest casualty was apparently a young woman from Delaware called Melissa Mintz. She wrote a comment on one of Linkin Park's photos on Facebook on July 15th, 5 days prior to Bennington’s death:
"hi. Hate to bother you. Im in a dark place. Suicidal of sorts (no ploy or lie). The ONLY thing thats keeping me alive is your show in NJ on 8/1. IT would mean life or death if you could find it in your heart to give me an autograph or to meet you. Im living for you and its urgent. THank you Melissa [Phone number redacted]. I tried writing GRay Rollins to no avail."
A few days later Melissa’s brother wrote on Facebook:
"It is with great sorrow that we inform you that my sister Melissa has unexpectedly passed away. We hope that she has now found the peace & happiness that she so well deserved. She will always be in our hearts forever."
A mother of two and a teenager in Argentina are also believed to have committed suicide thanks to Benington's example. 

What a lot of people don't realize is that suicide is literally contagious. Check out the suicide epidemic in the small Welsh town of Bridgend for more on this.

One person's suicide -- especially that of a prominent person like Bennington -- can have quite a knock-on effect. Also, a band like Linkin Park attracted its fair share of mentally unstable and impressionable young fans, so when the singer topped himself it was inevitable that several fans would imitate him. 

Of course, that is something else that Bennington didn't bother himself with, although if he had been in the habit of thinking more about other people, he probably wouldn't have been such a suicidal fuck-up in the first place.

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  1. i will smack all the people who insult linkin park or chester not one person actually seems to realise how bad depression actually is grow up