The cleanest village in India?
Liberals would have you believe that all Muslims strongly disapprove of Trump because of his mild restrictions on their access to America and his opposition to illegal immigration. But this is far from the truth, as revealed by the village of Marora in India, an 80% Muslim enclave of 2,000 people, that has decided to rename itself in honour of the US President as "Trump Village." 

The name change for the village, located about 50 miles south of New Delhi, is part of a modernization process that also includes newly built toilets and a vocational training center for women.

The name change was the idea of Sulabh International, an NGO that specializes in improving India's notoriously bad public sanitation. According to Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of the Indian water and sanitation charity, the idea to rename the village came to him on a visit to the U.S.
"The idea was born when I was in the US recently," Pathak told German public broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, which broke the story. "Trump’s slogan is 'Make America Great Again,' and our [Prime Minister] Modi’s credo is 'Make in India' so I thought why not make a humble beginning honoring the friendship of the two."
Puneet Ahluwalia, a member of Trump's Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee, was present for the renaming ceremony and inaugurated some of the newly built toilets, presumably after a delicious but stomach upsetting curry. 

Villagers seemed positive to neutral on the name change.
"I do not care if Trump is a Muslim baiter," one prominent villager told Deutsche Welle. "All I know is he is against Muslims who cause violence and destroy countries.
Only 20 of the 165 houses in "Trump village" have toilets so far, but the objective is to extend toilet coverage to every house, and make the village free from open defecation in the streets in the coming months. 

Since starting his career in politics 2 years ago, Trump has certainly cut back the amount of bullshit in American politics. Can his name have the same magical effect on the vast amount of human shit that befouls Indian? We certainly hope so.
Due to India's prominence in the tech industry, the memes are starting to bite. This shows you that memes are good.
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