Pope Francis knew exactly what he was doing when he gave an interview to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Thursday (6th July) and threw in some controversial quotes. This move was clearly motivated by the gay orgy scandal, involving Monsignor Luigi Capozzi that broke a few days earlier. 

Capozzi is the secretary of the high-ranking Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, who is closely connected to the Pope and appears to have been in the habit of holding gay orgies in the Vatican quite openly. As reported by The Daily Beast:
It all started with the usual complaints from disgruntled neighbors: funny smells, slamming doors, loud music, the sound of squeaky beds and laughter late into the night...But this particular dispute occurred in one of the most prestigious addresses in Rome, the so-called Ex Sant’Uffizio Palace, in the very apartment owned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith where Joseph Ratzinger lived for decades before becoming Pope Benedict XVI. The palatial ochre-colored building is home to dozens of high-ranking cardinals who live within walking distance of their jobs at the Roman Curia in Vatican City next door. The fed-up neighbors were simply sick of what they described as a 'steady stream of young men' who frequented Ratzinger’s former apartment, which had been given to Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, the secretary for Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio...The Vatican police showed up to find an orgy in progress, with an untold number of naked men allegedly writhing around the floor with Capozzi and his cohorts, who were apparently under the influence of hard drugs according to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano which broke the story that a host of Italian and international media have since picked up."
Capozzi was reportedly taken to a detox center in the hills outside of Rome (curing his toxic homosexuality is apparently less of a concern) and is now secluded in a monastery, with the Vatican now in damage control mode. 
Pussy-grabbing Prez meets pedo-protecting Pope.

The scandals seem to be piling up. Just the previous week the Pope's finance chief, Cardinal George Pell, was accused of child molestation while a priest in Australia.
Pell, 76, has been plagued by scandal for decades. In Ballarat, where he served as episcopal vicar for education from 1973 to 1984, untold numbers of children were beaten and sexually assaulted by priests and nuns at the St. Alipius Primary School. Australian media have documented the abuse extensively. A February 2016 story by the Australian public broadcasting network SBS called the school 'a pedophile’s paradise and a child’s nightmare.' Abuse was rampant throughout the parish in the 1970s, according to the Australian newspaper The Age, which once called Ballarat 'probably the worst of Australia’s 32 dioceses for sexual abuse.'"
With so much scandal sewage leaking from Vatican, the Pope clearly felt he had to give the media another story to run with, one that pandered to its hatred of Trump and its obsession with racism, in order to take the heat off. 

Out of the blue, Eugenio Scalfari, a reporter with La Repubblica, was called on for an interview.
“Last Thursday, I got a call from Pope Francis,” Scalfari reported. “It was about noon, and I was at the newspaper when my phone rang.” 
The pope wanted to see him at four that afternoon. When he arrived the Pope suddenly told him he was "very concerned about the meeting of the G20," then gave up exactly the kind of quotes he knew the Western media would run with:
I worry about very dangerous alliances between powers which have a distorted vision of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Syria’s Bashar al-) Assad over the war in Syria," the Pope said. "The danger concerns immigration," he  continued. "Our main and unfortunately growing problem in the world today is that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, which includes migrants. This is why the G20 worries me: It mainly hits immigrants."
If calling Trump and Putin's amicable understanding at the G20 meeting a "distorted vision" wasn't enough, he also threw in an extreme Europhile statement:
I also thought many times to this problem and came to the conclusion that, not only but also for this reason, Europe must take as soon as possible a federal structure."
On a normal day these quotes would just be a bit sad and stupid, the sort of thing somebody in the early stages of senile dementia might say. But, given their clear Machiavellian purpose to distract attention from drug-fueled gay sex orgies in the Vatican and rampant pedophilia among the Catholic clergy all the way up to the top, they instead become purely evil. 

The Catholic Church is now in the hands of Satan. Will no one claim it back?

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