If you're going to kill yourself in a sad, pathetic, self-absorbed way -- as opposed to a heroic kamikaze attack to defend your people -- then it's probably best not to have six kids first. 

This is the main take home message from the sad death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington (41), who apparently hung himself after popping a few pills and feeling a bit down in his millionaire's mansion on Thursday (20th July). 

If you're going to die in such a pointless way, then at least take the "suicide genes" with you by not having any kids at all, let alone six -- yes, SIX!!! -- like Chester Bennington. Now the Trump-hating singer's self-destruct genes are out there in the gene pool waiting to cause further tragedy.

OK, it's true Bennington was "gayed up" by a pervy pedo "older friend" when he was a kid, and that may have caused him recurring "mental trauma," but let's not blame that for his suicide. Nobody kills themselves for that reason several decades later. That is certainly not an appropriate or legitimate response; hating predatory gays and supporting stronger morality is. 

Let's face it, Bennington was just a flawed person with poor emotional control, much of which had a genetic basis, enhanced by substance abuse. 

It was this that suited him to be a drugged-up fuckwit in a rock band, which anybody in the music business can tell you is a lottery, with a few flukey winners on top of a pile of almost equally talented failures. It was also this that gave him his Trump-hating shitlib views and pushed him towards self-absorbed self-destruction. 

Listen to his music if you like and talk about his "tragic loss" while it's briefly fashionable, but this is not the kind of person we want polluting the gene pool with his self-destructive druggy genes, is it? 

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  1. "much of which had a genetic basis."

    You don't know this. Child molestation, not to mention homosexual child molestation, can really screw people up. He was a musical and financial success and, as you point out, reproduced six times. There's no reason to say he had poor genes in particular.

  2. Good news for him is he can still vote Democrat.

  3. Is this really how conservaderps use their time? Bashing the suicide of someone because of their political views? You people are seriously fucked in the head.

    1. What are you on about? This is a sensitive article about serious issues.