What Liberals don't get is that policing is a tricky business, even at the best of times. It becomes even more tricky when it is interracial, and even more difficult when it involves a PC agenda of promoting people from what are well-known racial minorities.

What happened in Minneapolis the other day -- when a Somalian cop Mohammed Noor gunned down a pretty Australian lady in her own yard as she was talking to his partner -- was all too predictable. The only surprise is that it didn't happen sooner or doesn't happen more often.

There could be a number of reasons why this killing happened. The fact that a Black man with a gun actually hit someone with just one shot suggests that he probably wasn't aiming at her.

Another possibility is that he might not even have been trying to shoot. But was simply taking advantage of a lull in the day to clean his gun or practice his gun-twirling skills when it went off. 

Lovely dead sheila.
But there is also the possibility that he saw the pretty Australian lady as a deadly threat. Who knows, maybe White people just seem a lot scarier to Africans than we realize (alert: possible legacy of colonialism).
The Italian colonization of Somali
Or maybe as a good Muslim he thought that the attractive "Aussie sheila" was dressed somewhat immodestly and simply went into automatic sharia mode.

Here we get to the nub of the question. 

In the multicultural maelstrom of diverse cultures, religions, body types, and biochemical reactions, who the fuck knows what is going on? 

If we all had IQs of 150+ we might be in a position to process all this complexity without too many mishaps. But all the evidence is pointing the other way -- to a society of growing complexity and confusion with ever plummeting IQ levels

But diversity, like rust, never sleeps. Officer Noor was praised in May 2016 by none other than Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges in a Facebook post. His joining the force, she said, was a "wonderful sign of building trust and community policing at work." 

Yes, so "trust," such "communities," many "policing at work"... Now everyone will just duck when they see a non-White policeman going by. 

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