The West has got a lot to answer for. Using the power of Hollywood and the internet, we've seeded the Third World with our dangerous memes of gender equality and female empowerment. But we have done this without first removing the preexisting system of social and cultural organisation. 

In places like Bangladesh that is a kind of low-rent, semi-tribal Islamism, where the woman is kept in her place not by buying her occasional roses and remembering her birthday, but by slaps, bullying in-laws, sheer physical exhaustion, and far worse if and when required.

Our memes vs. their traditions -- it's definitely not an easy fit, especially when the memes stop being a silly fantasy and enter real life, as they appear to have done with 21 year-old Hawa Akhter, an apparently bright girl, who angered her husband more than she realised when she started studying for a degree without her husband's permission. Who knows where she got that idea from -- magazine, a movie, or a video on the internet.

Hubby, Rafiqul Islam, aged 30, had been away, working in the United Arab Emirates. Returning home he heard about his wife's endeavours and decided that radical action was the only thing that would work, or his wife might turn into a second Madame Curie and pick up a Nobel Prize or two. 

Pretending he had a nice surprise for her, he got her to put on a blindfold then told her to hold out her hand. The next thing the young lady knew was that all five of the fingers on her right hand had been severed. One of Mr. Islam's relatives then binned the fallen digits so that they couldn't be reattached.

Just another story of everyday Muslim folk. It seems to me that there is just something very, very wrong with Islam. I can't quite put my finger on it, and sadly neither can Hawa Akhter. Poor girl!

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  1. Brilliant! Wish every multiculturalist in Europe could read this article.
    Thank you.