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War is full of ironies, and no war is full of greater ironies than the Syrian Civil War. 

The latest hilarious paradox to emerge from this brutal conflict is the rising death toll among White lefties who went over there to live it up large as the next Che Guevara or Augusto Sandino, only to be co-opted by US Neocons and used as cannon fodder in a campaign to bolster the US and Israeli bargaining position in future peace talks.

When the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) -- mainly a bunch of ethnically-motivated Kurdish "Marxists" turned US proxies -- closed in on the city of Raqqah (the old ISIS capital) at the start of Ramadan, it was hoped that ISIS would collapse and run away. But that didn't happen. Some two months later ISIS still hold most of the city and have pushed back SDF gains on several occasions.

What this means is the death toll is shooting up, forcing the SDF to rely more on their PR assets, namely the large number of White lefties who joined up in a fit of Left-wing guerrilla LARPiness. So far 28 Westerners have spilled their guts for the dubious cause of Kurds fighting on behalf of Zionist and US petrodollar interests.

In recent days they have been dropping like flies. On July 16th some Yank called David Taylor got his head shot off.

It seems he studied philosophy but wasn't smart enough to understand how he was being used by Neocons.

And here's some Britbong Commie with too many tattoos, who is lucky to be alive after getting winged in his beer-drinking arm.

There are plenty more where that came from. Earlier this month a Brit and two Yanks were slotted on the same day, fighting in a war that is clearly none of their business.

Luke Rutter: With ginger chin-fuzz like that surprised he wasn't fighting for ISIS.

As reported by the Guardian

Luke Rutter, 22, from Birkenhead, was fighting with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) when he died last Wednesday evening during an ambush in a suburb of the Isis stronghold of Raqqa, his Kurdish commanders said.

The YPG announced his death in a statement that described him as a 'martyr' who 'participated actively in the collective life, which is promoted within the YPG.'

It added: 'At the end of training in the academy, when asked the usual question addressed to every volunteer: Are you ready to fight? He firmly responded 'Yes' and said he wanted to fight the fascist organisation of IS.'

It is believed Robert Grodt, an Occupy Wall Street activist from Santa Cruz, California, also died in the attack. A relative, Elizabeth Clarke, said on Facebook that Grodt had 'passed away unexpectedly in Syria.'

'He was there helping oppressed people, his lifelong passion,' she wrote. 'I will always remember Rob for his commitment to his ideals. He and Kaylee taught me how to chain myself to another person when protesting during their Occupy Wall Street days and I shall always remember the correct Greek pronunciation of my favourite sandwich, the gyro."
Occupy Wall Street activist? Now he's occupying a shallow grave in the desert.

You'll notice that I left in that bit about the "correct Greek pronunciation" of a sandwich in the quote. This is because it perfectly exemplifies the Left-wing, SWPL, urbanite wankers who are being slaughtered in Raqqah. 

Her relative just got used for target practice or worse by some gang of cutthroat jihadi psychos and she can still take time out to signal (a) how sophisticated her culinary habits are and (b) that she pronounces the name of a meatball sandwich in a "culturally appropriate" way. 

Too bad he's not going to bring back any Kurdish couscous recipes.
Impress your SWPL friends by pronouncing this "jiros" and then go and walk into an ISIS IED for no conceivable reason whatsoever.
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