We have been told that ISIS are the bad guys. They throw gays off roofs, burn kids in cages, and play football with human heads, etc. But the sad truth is that, apart from being more internet savvy, their savagery is just par for the course in the anti-civilizational area otherwise known as the Middle East. 

In recent days, video has emerged of captured ISIS fighters being thrown off cliffs

Yeh, I know, I don't care too much either. But my point here is that savagery is endemic to this part of the World, and that is something we should constantly bear in mind when dealing with refugee flows from this part of the World. 

Next, it is being revealed that, following the fall of Mosul to the Iraqi army, people suspected of being ISIS fighters are being rounded up and kept in conditions not unlike the notorious Black Hole of Calcutta, a cramped cell where British prisoners were squashed together by the Indians in the 1756.

The problem the Iraqi army has is it isn't sure who is who. ISIS are skilled at melting into the general population when they have to, and it can be difficult to smoke them out, unless of course, you catch them dressing up as ladies and forgetting to shave, which has happened a lot recently. 

Take a look at this "little princess" whose disguise wasn't quite on point.

Although you never know. She might just be a downey-lipped maiden who just happens to look like an ISIS fighter.

Once caught the outlook is not good for ISIS fighters, who, of course, were notorious for slaughtering and beheading their own prisoners. They are being kept in what are effectively ovens, short on water and poor or non-existent toilet facilities, in boiling temperatures. They are basically broiling in their own filth. 

But, once again, the real problem is that nobody is really sure who is really ISIS and who isn't. It's entirely possible that most of the people being held in these dire conditions are just innocent people rounded up on the whim of some peasant Iraqi soldier. 

The site where they are being held is to the south of Mosul and is currently home to 370 men. An AP reporter who photographed dozens of men crammed into small, dark, unventilated rooms, reported that they were enduring daytime temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit). 
"Prisoners are infected with diseases, lots of health and skin problems, because they're not exposed to the sun," an anonymous official told the reporter. "The majority can't walk. Their legs are swollen because they can't move."
So far thousands have been detained like this in Mosul and other locations, and the number is sure to grow as ISIS continue their struggle by switching to guerrilla tactics, operating among the Sunni Arabs of Northern Iraq, and opposing the mainly Shiite Iraqi Army. This war is far from over. In fact, the savagery never ends.
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