Green Day, like a lot of bands, are typical champagne socialists who make leftist statements while dodging taxes and leading millionaire lifestyles of decadence and debauchery. 

This is also the band that took a huge dump on American voters in 2016 when they greeted the rise of Donald Trump with the lyrics "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA" designed to encourage acts of violence against Trump supporters.

But now it seems these "principled leftists" have gone one worse after they simply ignored the death of a man at one of their concerts, and played on regardless in order to pocket the takings or impress the groupies.

"Can somebody get that corpse out of the way. We're trying to play here."

This group of 40-something men, who essentially make their living imitating angry teenage boys, were scheduled to perform in front of 35,000 people at the Mad Cool music festival in Spain on July 7th, when, moments before they came on stage, an acrobat, who was serving as a "fluffer act" for the band, fell 100 feet from a suspended cage to his death.

It's possible Green Day just missed this guy falling 100 feet to his death just before they came on, and didn't know about it, and nobody told them.

Instead of suspending proceedings out of respect for the dead man, the band simply waited for the meat wagon to do its job then went into their usual, tedious set of bouncy, shouty pop-punk songs. After they had finished, they then added insult to injury by tweeting some banal shit about "thoughts and prayer."

Yeh, that'll really bring a lot of closure. At least it would have been lulzy if they had simply blamed Pedro's death on Trump and called for revenge on people in MAGA hats.

This guy is about the same age as Green Day.

Remember, this is a band that tried to cash in on the social divisions in America and the leftist brainwashing that young people are routinely subjected to with a song and video that literally presented President Trump as an evil "monster."

Well, playing on over the corpse of an actual human being is pretty monstrous too. 

If Green Day were actually a real punk band instead of a completely fake one, that would be kind of cool. But for a total sell-out corporate whore band that fills its creative vacuum with Cultural Marxist memes about "fighting the man" and caring for "the little guy," this is just a shitty image. 

Green Day are the CNN of rock bands.
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