J.K.Rowling aka "The Twitter Hag"

It's no secret that "Twitter Hag" and ex-kiddie book author J.K. Rowling hates Donald Trump. Ever since Trump started storming towards the White House a couple of years ago, Rowling has been on Twitter 24-7 unleashing one Trump-obsessed tweet after another.

The only real message in all of this is that she has hit the menopausal wall, and hit it hard -- poor dear!

Her hatred of Trump has obviously become an emotional crutch for her and a giant, glaring neon sign that she isn't being fucked by anyone anymore -- which might also explain her almost equally rabid support for importing rapefugees.

But what this weird mania most resembles is a kind of drug addiction. Watching JK Rowling pump out yet another anti-Trump tweet is not unlike watching an experimental rat hitting the same button in a lab test to get a dopamine-infused food pellet.

In her latest pathetic outburst, Rowling posted a video edited to show Trump apparently snubbing a disabled kid.

Wow, look at how he ignored that poor, little disabled kid! I can't even... What an evil monster! This is undeniable proof that Drumpf is planning to gas all disabled kids, just like the Nazis, etc., etc.

Actually in the unedited version Trump singles the small disabled kid out for some special heart-warming attention. 

This is obviously a guy who loves kids -- even ones that came out the wrong way -- and is a great parent. But with post-menopausal, hate-filled leftie hags, "narrative" is the main thing, the only thing. So, no, JK Rowling was only interested in the fake news version of this video, predictably going into Twitter overdrive.

Got to throw in crap Black poetess Maya Aneglou as well, just to signal how much she is not a racist and stuff. And then dig up the ancient discredited story that Trump once mocked a disabled reporter. 

"Pale reflections"??? Hmmm, is Rowling trying to push an anti-White narrative here? Nah, that can't be possible, after all, in her shitty kids novels the bad guys are never totally and always stereotypical White people are they?

Nothing stereotypically White about these people...

Likewise with Draco Malfoy. I mean this role could have been played by a kid of any race. The whole "blond Nazi" thing is just a weird coincidence.

Another completely dehumanizing and unsympathetic White character that just happened to show up in the Potter books and films by chance. There is no way that Rowling and the film crew actually wanted you to start hating on stereotypical White people.

Obviously she doesn't hate White people. She just hates Trump. Or, more accurately, she just hates for the sake of hating because this woman is in some tragic, pathetic post-menopausal dementia, of which her hatred is only the most obvious symptom. 

Perhaps this is the reason why President Trump has so far ignored her sad little tweets. But is it acceptable to snub the mentally disabled in this way?
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