So in love...with degeneracy.
Let's be clear, there are two main kinds of Thottery -- (1) sexually promiscuous behaviour towards many men and (2) sexually deviant behaviour withing a single relationship, like being a pervert, into kinky stuff, etc. So, even if a woman is faithful to one man, she can still be a THOT if she is into weird stuff like anal and BDSM.

Katie Widdowson, from Birmingham, England, was clearly the second type. Although going steady with the same guy for 5 years, and even having a kid with him (although not married), the 23-year woman was into sick and perverted sex games that involved being tied up and abused by her sexual partner.

But although THOTs can run, they cannot hide from the omnipotent "Cosmic THOT Patrol" that eventually hunts down all THOTs and dispenses justice. So it was with the ominously named Widdowson, as an inquest into her death revealed recently.

After being tied to a bed and abused by her boyfriend Dean Smith, a 25-year-old food worker, during the New Year period, Widdowson suffered a painful wrist injury and went to hospital. But the wheels of her grim fate were already turning.

Awaiting her at the hospital was an incompetent female junior doctor from India, who had only been in the country for four months. Clearly she knew little about medicine and the risk of septic infection that Widdowson's depraved lifestyle laid her open to. This "doctor" then prescribed pain killers and sent the THOT home, little realising that the patient's own immune system had revolted against her depraved lifestyle by allowing a horrific flesh-eating virus called Necrotising Fasciitis to spread unchecked through her arm.

The next day Widdowson woke to find herself in the middle of a one-woman Biblical plague, with her arm swollen, black, and blistered, and painful to move. 

In fact, so bad was the necrosis that, if I wasn't going with the "God punishes THOT" narrative, I would instead focus on the very real possibility that Widdowson had been infected by some vile tropical bacteria from the unwashed hands of this Indian doctoress. 

Anyway, looking like something from the dark side of the Middle Ages, she was rushed back to hospital, but all too late, soon dying of a heart attack brought on my septic poisoning.

Now, they will focus on blaming the hospital and "medical neglect," etc., which is fine by me, but the people they won't blame are Widdowson and her pervert boyfriend because BDSM is considered just another part of a "loving relationship" in the moral sewer that modern Britain has been reduced to. 

While THOTS like Widdowson may not be interested in morality, morality will always be interested in them in the guise of the invisible hand of the Cosmic THOT Patrol. THOTs be warned!
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