Just a few days away from the "Unite the Right" demonstration in Charlotteville, Virginia, the town council has withdrawn the licence previously granted to hold the rally of Alt-Righters and other patriots opposed to the town council's Orwellian decision to take down the beautiful statue of Robert E. Lee that has stood there for nearly 100 years

The rationale for the town junta's decision to revoke the licence at this extremely late stage is because of the vast numbers expected to attend the event. Weeks ago only hundreds were expected. Now it seems that thousands are expected, and the Charlottesville authorities and police say they will be unable to cope with such a large number of demonstrators exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech, especially as violent antifa hate groups are expected to be in attendance.

As Richard Spencer, one of the planned speakers at the event, pointed out this is effectively a "heckler's veto," namely a poor excuse to shut down free speech because someone else may possibly make trouble. 

The town council have offered an alternative site at a distant recreational park, far away from the statue of General Lee that is under threat, but this is clearly unsuitable to the purpose of the event.

The Alt-Right will now challenge this in court with its new team of expert lawyers,  but even if this legitimate legal challenge fails, the town authorities are unlikely to be able to shut down the thousands of patriots expected to arrive in this way. 

One way or another the park in which the statue is located -- now ludicriously renamed "Emancipation Park" -- is going to see some intense First Amendment action on August 12th.

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