To succeed in business today you have pretend to believe the PC bullshit while doing the exact opposite. Google, we salute you!

Google just made the case for treating major social media companies like public utilities much stronger by its recent decision to fire James Damore, a Google engineer who wrote an internal memo blasting the web company’s diversity policies.

Damore’s 10-page memo accused Google of silencing conservative political opinion and criticized the company’s efforts to force “diversity,” pointing to well-known biological differences between men and women that determine the much higher number of men in tech.

Some would see this as an attempt by Damore to promote true diversity within the company, a diversity of opinion. But, actually, this is exactly the reason why he had to be fired. Opinions are only for those who still don’t understand the way the world works. A company’s mission, by contrast, is to get on with the business of making as much money as it possibly can for its fickle investors.

Because of the essential differences between men and women that Damore referred to in his memo, men will always dominate tech, case closed. But because of the unfortunate hegemonic culture of egalitarianism in Western societies, this will make companies like Google appear “sexist” (and of course “racist”). That too is inevitable.

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