We get it that the Germans continue to have hang-ups about WWII and whatever it was that the Third Reich is supposed to have done to certain peoples and populations. Those were crazy times and a lot of bad shit happened from a lot of different directions. Meh, whatever...

But what is unforgivable -- and something we must never forgive the Germans for. Ever -- is their nasty habit of taking out their historical neuroses  on innocent tourists visiting their country. In fact this is such a crime against humanity in my eyes that museums and memorials should be built everywhere remind us of this inhumanity.

The latest victims of German humorlessness and historical vindictiveness are two innocent Chinese tourists who were arrested recently by the German Gestapo for making a couple of jokey Hitler salutes in front of the Reichstag building as they took photographs with the cell phones. 

The Chinese men, aged 36 and 49, probably knew a bit about German history, as comics featuring Hitler are quite popular in the East, where he is seen as a pretty cool guy, and thought this would be a good way to signal how familiar they were with German culture.

It may surprise some Westerners to hear that Hitler is not regarded as an unspeakable monster in the East, but you've got to see these things in context. 

At worst, Hitler only killed a few million people, most of them during a messy war that went wrong. The Chinese government by contrast killed around 60 million of its own people right in the middle of peacetime. I won't even mention the kind of shit Genghis Khan did. So, to most Orientals, Hitler kind of seems like a boy scout or a less successful version of Kim Jong-un. 

Anyway, because Germany continues to experience such extreme "history phobia," these innocent visitors from the East were hauled off "Tienanmen Square style" to the cells of the Berlin Stasi, from where they were released on bail of €500. 

As they could potentially get 6 months in jail for their innocent act, I suggest they immediately slip across the border into some other EU country and fly back to China, where they can enjoy relative freedom.
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  1. History is written by the Victors . Hitler is the most lied about person in the world .

  2. The World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in 1933, as reported in a blaring New York Times headline. Claiming that war was being declared "on behalf of all Jews", economic boycotts against Germany followed, along with agitation for war against Germany and the destruction of the German people. Six years later World Jewry got what they openly said they wanted, total war against Germany and the German people. Amidst the terror bombing of German cities by the Allies, Hitler threatened retaliation against the enemy population of Jews in
    Europe. The Allies didn't stop the slaughter of German civilians from saturation bombing, and Hitler made good on his threat of retaliation against enemy Jewish civilians. The honest reality is that bombing civilians from the air is no different morally than lining them up against a wall and shooting them. Either both are a war crime, or neither is.