Girls, this may be the look you want to get the Moroccan man of your dreams.

One possible reason Muzzies commit more than their fair share of terrorist bombings and beheadings is because, if they didn't, people might just associate them with buggering animals instead, as bestiality appears to be rife in Muslim nations. 

The latest shocking case to come to light is that of 15 Moroccan teenagers from the small rural town of Sidi Kamel, who found a friendly donkey (sex unspecified) and started their own game of "pin the tail on the donkey" using their own dicks and the donkey's rear end. 

"Great," you might think. "That'll keep them out of trouble till they can make it to some trusting European nation." But, no, it appears there was a sting in the tail called rabies. 

According to Morocco World News (yes, it's legit -- I checked it out) the animal actually had rabies, which may explain why it allowed this unnatural activity. And what's more, apparently this can be passed on by interspecies sexual contact. The 15 teenagers in question all ended up getting infected with the disease and being treated at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for one week.

The number of youngsters infected may be even larger, however, as even in Morocco there appears to be some mild social stigma attached to catching rabies from donkey sex. 

Some infectees are thought to be still in hiding. Local authorities are therefore trying to encourage these silent sufferers to come forward for treatment by using morally neutral language, asking for anyone who "approached and admired the animal closely" to come forward.

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