The enemies of the American people can't bear to see a well-organised demonstration of presentable, well-behaved White people defending their rights to free speech. This is because it doesn't fit their narrative of White nationalists being evil, violent Nazi thugs, about to carry out another shaoh (yes, exactly the same narrative that they use to drum up shekels from their easily frightened donor base). 

So, you can be sure that they will be doing all in their power to create as much trouble and chaos as possible at the main Charlottesville demonstration today They can be counted on to employ agent provocateurs and infiltrators who will work hard to cause trouble and discredit the demonstration in any way possible.

We got a taste of some of their shitty tactics on Friday night, during the torchlight parade to the statue of General Robert E. Lee, when a fat, ugly, irritating SPLC functionary was sent to provoke one of the headline speakers at the event, Baked Alaska, by stalking him, getting in the way, sending out bad vibes, and repetitively using dead memes (e.g. "Nationalists = Nazis," LOL).

As he was laughed off and mocked, the man from the SPLC became increasingly frustrated and angry. Instead of triggering his opponents, he ended up being the one triggered. 

Completely losing his cool, he lunged out in a bizarre physical assault on Baked Alaska, in which he feebly struck Alaska on the head and grabbed his cap, before other Alt-Righters wrestled him to the ground and recovered the cap.    

Now Alaska has enough evidence for a juicy lawsuit against the largely Jewish-funded hate group.

This shows you just how desperate groups like the SPLC are to revive the image of the (((Hollwood Nazi))): They are now sending their lower ranking employees to try and get themselves roughed up, in the hope that their friends in the fake news media can then use such incidents to depict the Alt-Right as thugs. Luckily we are now able to record things for ourselves, show the world just how absurd our opponents are, and present our side of the story.
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