Say goodbye to all this.
Australia had it good. A massive, continent-sized nation, with plenty of room to grow, full of hard-working, heterosexual White people, enjoying rising standards of living, cool beers, and "barbies." Men were men and the "sheilas" were gorgeous. There were even a few Aborigines to add local colour and a little folk wisdom. 

Getting transported out here by Britain's Victorian penal system turned out to be a godsend for most of the petty criminals who were the nation's founding stock. 

But now it looks like Australia has blown it by opting to support gay marriage, after a massive gas-lighting campaign by the establishment, which, unlike the ordinary Australian people, has been pozzed for decades.

The results of the 8-week postal vote (carefully designed to boost apathetic voter returns in order to drown out strong NO sentiment with weak YES sentiment) has turned up a result of 61.6% in favour of same-sex "marriage."

The reason that YES won is because most normies want to be "nice" and they want this gay marriage controversy to just go away as fast as possible. They saw a YES vote as the "path of least resistance" to achieving that. 

There were warning signs. We should have heeded them.
In a normal vote, where people had to actually get off their arses to go to the polling station, most of them wouldn't even have bothered to vote, allowing the more religious and committed NO voters to win. But the gay lobby have all the establishment power on their side, and so the vote was organised this way.

Although many think gay marriage is a triviality that only effects a tiny minority of gays let along normal people, it isn't. It's a vital part of a bigger clusterfuck of pozzed Cultural Marxist ideas, designed to confuse and disorient ordinary Australians, and to weaken their power in the face of globalist capitalism.

The end result is that healthy White demographics will be destroyed, as mass immigration is encouraged, leading to a fucked up future scenario that will make Mad Max look like a f**kin' picnic.

Looks like we are going to take the long way round to establishing masculinity in Australia.

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  1. This is correct. However, Australia has much bigger problems. Such as how the population is completely unarmed.

    I felt the greatest relief of my life when I finally left this police state to return to the relative freedom of Canada.