What a tangled web we Weev, when first we practice to deceive...
It seems that the suspicions many in the Alt-Right had about the Daily Stormer being a Jewish-controlled attempt to discredit, toxify, ghettoize, and deplatform legitimate White nationalism were correct after all. This follows irrefutable confirmation that Weev, the main tech guy at the site, is in fact a Jew. 

Making it even worse for Weev and the Daily Stormer is the fact that the confirmation came from Weev's own mother, who disapproves of her son's activities, spreading a knuckle-dragging, bone-headed image of White nationalism that is carefully calculated to repell normies.

As reported by Newsweek magazine:
"A reclusive neo-Nazi who co-runs the white supremacist Daily Stormer website, and recently said Jewish children "deserve to die," has Jewish relatives on "both sides of his family," his mother told Newsweek...

Newsweek has been unsuccessful in contacting Auernheimer, who is allegedly living in Ukraine after serving jail time over a computer-hacking incident. Auernheimer’s Jewish heritage was first reported by Gawker in 2012, though Auernheimer denied the report. Adrian Chen, the author of the story, told Newsweek that the infamous troll volunteered the information about his Jewish ancestry during an interview.

And his mother has confirmed it. Alyse Auernheimer told Newsweek that she was saddened that her son had wished death on children. She added that she has been estranged from him for over a decade.

"He doesn’t like us," she said, adding that her son comes from a "large, mixed-race family" with Native American heritage, and that he most certainly has Jewish lineage "on both sides of his family."
Of course there are idiots in the Alt-Right who will continue to make excuses for Weev and Anglin, another obvious Jewish type, but really there are only two possibilities here. Either they are sane but evil men, working as shills for some sinister Jewish organization with a concerted plan to discredit White nationalism, or else they are completely insane nutjobs who logically should do away with themselves as self-loathing Jews.

Either way, they have nothing to offer the Alt-Right or White identitarianism.

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  1. Do you ever get tired of being right about these things Colin?

    1. No, but I get tired of many others in our movement being wrong.

  2. Might be true, but his mom is a shitlib and they do lie.

  3. more nonsense about jews...who cares? Drop the anti-jew talk and instead talk about how the elites (jewish and non-jewish) rule us and thwart democracy by cramming us full of immigrants and preaching hate against white males...just my advice...

  4. 1) So far, the movement has had a solid 2018, racking up three-going-on-four solid days of disciplined engagement while others make unforced errors - keep it up!

    2) When the enemy saw our electoral power in 2016, they immediately activated their agents inside the movement to self-detonate. Thus 2017.

    3) I believe we are stronger for it, as we realize it isn't about personalities or "friends" but the Darwinian interests of a race of a billion people, with billions more to come.

  5. Pain caused by a Jews family can cause a Jew to turn against his own race. Energy supplied by self-hating yids can be used to propel white supremacist ideology. Recruiting programs for Jewish self-haters should be organized.

  6. Say what you want but White Nationalism is dead unless the Jewish Problem is solved (and it is possible that it cannot be solved). The majority of Jews although not all - are hostile to White Nationalism. And Jews hold enormous power in our society to make things happen or not happen.