Ex-UKIP leader and popular political pundit Nigel Farage has slammed Jewish-Hungarian billionaire George Soros for donating money to campaigns to derail Brexit and donating billions to interfere in the democratic processes of a range of countries across the World. 

Speaking to Fox News -- and repeating what he has said in other TV appearances -- Farage blasted Soros as a much bigger threat to Western democracy than the fake Russian interference narrative that Leftist and cuckservative media have been running with for over a year now despite zero evidence. 
"We all need to wake up to who George Soros is and how big his organization is," Farage said of the 87-year-old evil billionaire. "His Open Society Forum has received 30 BILLION dollars...this is the biggest political campaign organisation the World has ever seen...He doesn't believe in what he calls 'nationalism -- what I call nation-state democracy."
Farage's comments were in response to recent news that Soros's Open Society Forum had donated half a million pounds to the ludicrously-named anti-Brexit group "Best for Britain," which supports continued enslavement to the EU, combined with open borders, mass immigration, and the destruction of British identity and the British nation.

Farage also called for an investigation into the democracy-distorting activities of Soros and his Open Society group.
"In an era when much of the media is obsessing about Russia collusion, whenever there was an investigation needed, it's into exactly what Open Society has done."

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