Richard Spencer's latest speaking gig at Michigan State University (MSU) achieved a near perfect balance of shitstormery and optics, after a spirited contribution by antifa and a much less spirited contribution from MSU's politcally-controlled police. 

Richard Spencer, as ever, looked dapper and was relatively on top of his usual speaking points before a small audience. The Q&A worked quite well, with Spencer showing his trademark charm and humour. 

Greg Conte meets his arresting officers.
The highlight of the shitstormery was the arrest of Spencer's close associate Greg Conte, who, it seems, was arrested after a "dust up" with antifa as Conte tried to lead a group of would-be attendees into the auditorium. It seems that Conte was only defending himself against the usual unprovoked assault by antifa when he was arrested by police. It is not yet known if the scuffles and excitement were enough to attract the attention of the mainstream media as intended. 

On the optics-side, Richard was in fine form, if a little edgy at times, and somewhat tight round the middle. 

Antifa efforts to prevent people attending the meeting also meant that the meeting was rather sparsely attended, an effect heightened by the fact that smartphone videos of the event made an effort not to film actual attendees to protect them from doxxing.

It seems that even turning up an Alt-Right speaking event out of idle curiosity can have serious social and professional costs mainly because of the movement's ongoing association with sites like (((The Daily Stormer))) and ((TRS)), which are run by anti-White infiltrators who routinely use "gas the Jews" memes and the N-word in an effort to discredit White identitarianism. TRS's flagship show, hosted by one Jew and one crypto-Jew, continues to call itself the "Daily Shoah," a callous reference to, and implicit endorsement of, the Shoah, a synonym of the Holocaust.

So, taken on its own, MSU was a qualified success, but one that does not adequately address the structural problems that are inhibiting the growth of the wider Alt-Right movement.
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  1. Apparently only those with a broader base view of the world can gain a focal point needed to uncover the agenda behind political correctness.

    We must take a critical look into the cause and effect that political correctness has played in our Nations.

    Political Theater and Political Violence go hand in hand.

    "We can't control situations where the Establishment ships their payed provocateurs to undermine the Alt Right message."

    The Establishment's conundrum is…

    1. How the ADL, SPLC, and the Mainstream Media can utilize their shock-troops; namely LaRaza, Black Lives Matter, & Antifa, all the aforementioned organizations are acting in concert with government and governmental agencies aka the 'Deep-State' to undermined white/European interest.

    2. How to make the Alt-Right look like the bad guys.

    3. How to move that 'Overton window' back to left.

    4. How to shut-down the Alt-Right without drawing attention to themselves.

    The Alt-Right is a political movement working for the interest of white/Europeans.

    Jews, Blacks and Hispanics practice identity politics every day in America.

    White/Europeans have just as much right to practice identity politics as any other group.

    Anti-white/anti-European hate mongers are becoming a real problem in our Nations.

    Antifa = 'Domestic Terrorists' supported by Anti-white/anti-European ADL & SPLC

    LaRaza = 'Domestic Terrorists' supported by Anti-white/anti-European ADL & SPLC

    Black Lives Matter = 'Domestic Terrorists' supported by Anti-white/anti-European ADL & SPLC

    We are being told no one can stop the non-whites pouring into white countries.

    We are being told we must live with terrorism.

    We are being told the whole world has as much right to be in white countries as the founding stock.

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY!

    Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it's done in Tibet.

    When it's done in White countries it's called "diversity."

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

    Genocide is a Crime.

    Now if you fail to understand those things, there is really little more I could say on the subject.


  2. I repudiate the claim that The Daily Stormer or TRS has anything to do with the social and professional ostracism that is taking place today.

    One could argue that the social and professional ostracism began in the US when Moses (Moshe) Hess (January or June 21, 1812 – April 6, 1875) the founders of Labor Zionism introduce and politicized the class-struggle under the banner of Zionism.

    For those unfamiliar Zionism,,,

    Zionism is a divisive ideology, which seeks to amplify conflicts, by bringing opposing groups into close proximity with each other; these acts allow the Zionists to demagogue demonize and disenfranchised White/European populations across the world.

    In Short, Zionism is a divisive tool pitting one group against the other causing hostility and discord wherever it’s allowed flourish.

    The class-struggle was replaced in the circa 1960's with race-struggle, and circa 1970’s Marxism became all-inclusive incorporating class, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, you name it struggle.

    Jewish Supremacists (((Emanuel Celler’s))) spent 41-years fighting the 1924, Johnson-Reed act, which restricted immigration into the United States.

    The Hart-Celler Act of 1965 abolished the 1924, Johnson-Reed act, which kept the United States 90% European which protected our population by excluding Asians, and Africans, in favor of northern and western Europeans over southern and eastern Europeans.

    The (((Establishment))) aka ZOG, Deep-State, The Cabal etc. Has placed their paid Provocateurs to incite crowds, increase visible numbers for their Mainstream media (MSM) audience; all of this is being ramped-up in their attempt to attract useful idiots to their cause destroying White/European cohesion.

    Jews fund and aid the Anti-fascist (antifa), Black Lives Matter (BLM), La Raza (NCLR), and other Marxist organizations.

    Remember Jewish Supremacist George Soro's spent $33 million on the Black Lives Matter campaign. Jews have always thrown a few shekels at the blacks and other malcontents to stir up trouble.